About this site

Why this Site is Going to Help You Build Your Startup?

We all know the talent shortage in big IT centers like Silicon Valley. But with all these collaboration tools available and internet omnipresent, wouldn't it be possible to work with people wherever they are?

Instead of raising millions, just to cover incredible salaries in the valley, wouldn't it be possible to work with people living in other places across the globe? Wouldn't it be possible to grow a company with people who live in the places they enjoy and spread across the country, or even the world?

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that will help you build your team and drive your company to success. If you already have a distributed team, or planning to — then this blog is for you.

My Story

I began my career as a software developer building B2B products. I started working with startup companies building enterprise Open Source products. As the nature of open source is, we had contributors and employees distributed around the globe. Before quitting my last company, eXo Platform, I was managing the Vietnamese office of 50 developers.

I then went to China, started a company in a domain in which I had no expertise in, which is online games for children. Big mistake, lesson learned. Afterwards, I started the company where Ithat would then become the company I am in now —, Collabspot. We've grown the team with people working remotely. I did only met my first employee more than a year working with them. We built different products until I started to scratch my own itch by integrating CRMs within Gmail.

Collabspot is now made of 14 employees based in 4 different countries and eight cities across the world. 70% of our customers are based in North America.

Having worked for more than 5 years doing open source program development with virtual development teams spread across the globe, I have developed the expertise needed to develop programs virtually.

During my carerier, I worked with virtual development team members based in the U.S, France, Philippines, Ukraine, Vietnam, China, Thailand as well as India. I'm now working with people in the Philippines, Singapore, US and Thailand while living between Singapore, France and China.